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While we hate to toot our own horns (oh, well, we actually don't mind doin' that at all), people told us you might want to know a little more about what got us into music and how Cowboy Envy came to be. So here's the low-down!
  • Buffalo K :: Kathleen Hatfield

  • Frenchy :: Berné Poliakoff

  • Durn :: L.A. Tuten

  • Tijuana Tim :: Tim Higgins

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Buffalo K :: Kathleen Hatfield

Note: Since my friend Arty is such a better writer than I am, I thought his take on this whole bio thing couldn't help but be better than mine. So here it is.
Buffalo K

Kathleen Hatfield is one singer-songwriter whose talent and work can call to mind an older tradition - that of the troubadour who roamed from town to town spreading poetry and music. It may be a song about the north Georgia mountains that makes you wonder why you ever put the pavement of Atlanta under your feet. It may be her rendition of "Home on the Range" that makes you believe there is nothing more beautiful than prairie grass from horizon to horizon and a million stars overhead. It may be a song of the West that makes a drugstore cowboy like myself think he's capable of saddling up Old Paint and rounding up the herd. (And I'm allergic to horses and haven't eaten beef in years.) It's all part of Ms. Hatfield's magic.

Like the troubadours of old, versatility is a hallmark of Ms. Hatfield. Her voice moves through standards, traditional music, rock-and-roll, bluegrass, country-and-western, and jazz with ease. With her published "Sunrise on the Plains" (a painterly song in both melody and word that is on Cowboy Envy's "Wagons Ho!") and cache of art songs under her belt, Ms. Hatfield has distinguished herself as a writer as well as performer.

On guitar and vocals as part of Cowboy Envy, Ms. Hatfield (Buffalo K), has found a perfect match with Frenchy and Durn Tuten. These three create a world as colorful as a Pecos Bill tall tale and as exciting as a radio serial.

Ms. Hatfield has also performed as lead singer with Full Moon Trio, a fiddle/guitar/upright bass combo and was lead singer in the bluegrass band, Gypsy Heart. She is an Atlanta native, well known in the Atlanta music scene, and continues to share her musical magic with a growing audience.

Arty Schronce
February, 2002

Frenchy :: Berné Poliakoff

Frenchy (aka
Berné Poliakoff) hails from the garden spot of Spartanburg, South Carolina. She got her early training, at the age of four, at Miss Marion's School of Dance. Unfortunately, the lessons didn't take. She began playing guitar and singing at local haunts in Spartanburg at the tender age of 14, inspired by the likes of such local heroes as Walter Hyatt, Champ Hood and David Ball. While majoring in voice at the College of Charleston, Frenchy knew she had to make music her career - especially because she hates to wake up early. She has made her home in Atlanta for more years than she cares to admit.

Frenchy has been singing and playing guitar at the South of France Restaurant for ten and a half years. She sings Joni Mitchell, Fats Waller, Bob Dylan, some originals and some French songs. She likes to pretend she's French, but she's not fooling anybody. Frenchy occasionally sings jazz with some of Atlanta's best musicians and has been known to sing an aria or two in rare circumstances.

Cowboy Envy is like a dream come true for Frenchy. She gets to sing cowboy songs, play dress-up, show off her amazing skill with whips and make-up stuff. Frenchy has written several songs for the band, including the world's only known cowboy tribute to Tony Bennett, called "I Left His Heart (in San Francisco)" and a paean to cows everywhere, called "Born To Be Branded."

Durn :: L.A. Tuten

Laurence "Durn" Tuten is a native of Atlanta and studied music at GSU and the Berklee College of Music in Boston. During the last millennium, L.A. was the arranger and conductor of the Seed and Feed Marching Abominable; bassist with Col. Bruce Hampton, "Thumbs" Carllile, and Elise Witt; and toured internationally as tubist with Hotlanta Dixieland Jazz. This millennium L.A. may be heard with a wide variety of groups such as Oy! Klezmer, Gwen Hughes and the Continental Dance Orchestra, Laurentz und die Katzen, the Ruby Red's Band, Wild Rice Latin Jazz and Cowboy Envy.

Tijuana Tim :: Tim Higgins

Cowboy Envy welcomes Tim "Tijuana Tim" Higgins as the newest addition to the group. An amazingly talented fiddle and mandolin player, Tim has fiddled with the Rice Brothers, played for productions starring John Goodman and Jim Stafford, opened for Jeff Foxworthy, performed at the governor's mansion, played in numerous bands and on a multitude of CDs. He played fiddle for several years in the show Smoke on the Mountain and has judged numerous fiddle contests in the southeast. We are incredibly fortunate to have him!

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