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Cowhead Destinations

Web site of Cowboy Envy member Frenchy Berné.

Western Music Association
(From their Web site:) The Western Music Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation whose purpose is the preservation and promotion of the traditional and contemporary music of the Great American West and the American Cowboy.

The Art of Michael Goettee
"Western art with a salted rim and a quirky twist of lime". YUM!

Daemon Records
This'll take you right to the page on our Record Label's Web site where our albums are featured. Daemon is a great label, with lots of diversity. Enjoy the music over there. (And, oh yeah: that's the place you can BUY our CDs!)

Autry National Center

The Autry is a museum dedicated to bringing together the stories of all peoples of the American West, connecting the past with the present to inspire our shared future.
We met David "Buffalo Bill" Nelson several years ago at the Buffalo Chips Festival and PowWow in Chattanooga, TN. He has recently become the first ever official Cowboy Poet Laureate of the state of Tennessee. We are proud to know him and to direct you to his site.

Flying E Dude Ranch

The Cowboy Cultural Society

All Music Guide
Type "Cowboy Envy" in the search box, and you'll find the page dedicated to us. You can read more reviews and even submit ratings of our music!

Eddie's Attic
A favorite Atlanta venue of ours.

Variety Playhouse
Another great place for music in Atlanta.

The John F. Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts
We brought the house down in January 2002, but we're told it's still standing!

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