News From The Trail
2014 News

We haven't been too current with the news page (that's called understatement...)

But, you can get current Cowboy Envy news from our facebook page. Please check that out.
Frenchy has always had followers who like her, so she has been a real natural with facebook.

In International News:

Tijuana Tim Condemned!

This seems to be a terrible misunderstanding concerning a huge piñata deal, and Tim is working with his close friend Dennis Rodman to clear this up. Don't worry.

General News

In general news, for 2014 we are recording a new CD. (YAY!!)
We are taking our time with it, but hope to have it out later this year. Lots of harmony, new originals, a bunch of Tijuana Tim's Texas fiddle, and a few musical surprises..

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